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When you know your core values, you know yourself better. When everyone knows their core values, they get along better. MMM uses the Core Values Index as a tool to help churches and organizations to function more effectively while reducing and better managing conflict. Click the button below to take the free Core Values Index online. 

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Actually, it only takes about 8 minutes to complete the CVI assessment online. Once completed, you will immediate receive your results in your email inbox. Complete this form to request your free CVI and we will send you the access link to take it online for free. 

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The value of the full edition Core Values Index psychometric assessment report far exceeds its cost, and it provides many benefits over the free edition.

Here are the top 8 reasons to upgrade:

1. You get your full complement of four core value scores and six contribution types.

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2. Personalized core values quadrant graph. Visualize a graphical representation of your core values scores and their relationship to each other.

3. Six contribution types. Reveal with remarkable detail how six different universal personality traits apply to you in an easy-to-understand graph.

4. You receive a customized 17-page report with many details specific to your CVI profile — the free report is heavily redacted, which means you miss out on valuable insights about how you are hardwired.

5. Success and fulfillment strategies. Your full report includes methods for achieving happiness and finding the best path for you.

6. Challenges and conflict resolution strategies. Gain greater understanding of how you instinctively respond to challenging situations as well as methods and insights for improving your relationships.

7. Unlimited access to the Happiness Index. Take a Happiness Index self-assessment as often as you like to gauge what areas of your life are providing the greatest fulfillment.

8. Downloadable PDF of The Core Values Handbook, a 173-page eBook written by Lynn Ellsworth Taylor, the creator of the CVI. Learn about the Core Values Index, how it works, and how it can benefit your life.

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