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Consulting/Coaching Services 

The following services are available for your church or organization. They are the results of more than 25 years of practice and many years of observing. 

Vision Planning: 

A Vision is a desired future for yourself or your organization. A compelling vision provides direction and inspiration. 

Culture Creation: 

Every church or organization has a culture or set of values which sustains. These values can be positive or negative but emerge over a period of time. 

We can create a desired culture which will impact your organization. 

Disaster Preparation: 

Churches and organizations are impacted by the events of a culture as  a whole. I have experienced several cultural crises that impacted the church greatly; the dot com bust of the late 90’s, 9-11, the recession of 2008-9, and COVD 19. These events all have impacted us. The real question is not “if but  “when” the next one will happen. We can prepare today for the inevitable which will come. 

Staff/Team Relationships 

The most important asset of any church or organization is it people. Human capital whether paid of volunteer is the lifeblood of the organization. 

The Core Values Index (CVI) is a very helpful tool with a 97.7% accuracy rate for understanding people. It measures our true values and and what drives each of us. Understanding the people of our team and in our organization leads to greater results, productivity and less conflict. 


Our donors are asking one key question,”Why should I give?” The answer to this question is critical as is understanding why people give. We will answer questions and deal with other important issues in this critical area. 

Pastor/Senior Leader Burnout 

The leader is crucial to any organization and effective one are difficult to replace. We will look at signs of burnout and how to prevent this from happening. Healthy leaders are essential to a successful church or organization. 

Succession Planning 

Replacing an effective leader is challenging but finding the right one is crucial. We will look and the best methods of finding who is best to lead.

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I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your needs. I will work with you to develop a custom solution for your church, business, or non-profit. - Mark

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