Mark Matheson Ministries, Inc. 

Is an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit organization that exists to provide ministerial services  and counseling to individuals, families and groups. Some of the services offered include preachingweddings, counseling, coaching, and training, 

MMM is also an approved provider of the Core Values Index assessment.

We serve local communities by serving the churches that minister to them. We do this most effectively by caring for those who lead these churches to enable them to strenthen their congregations to provide greater community impact. 

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Community Impact

I am delighted to recommend Mark Matheson for your consideration.  I have known Mark for the 13 years that I have pastored at First Orlando and have spent a great amount of time with him personally, talking about his life and career goals.  What I have noticed about Mark is that his experiences have given him a stability and depth that adds much to his ministry and to the lives of those around him.

Mark has been through some of the most difficult trials one can go through.  Instead of them turning him into a bitter, angry man, they have matured him and given him a very unique perspective on life.  Our church has been blessed to have Mark as a part of our family, and I am honored to call him my friend.

I have invited Mark to speak during weekend services at First Orlando as well as lead in Bible studies on trips that we have taken. Each and every time it has been outstanding.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to share more about my friend, Mark, with you.

For His Great Name,

Dr. David Uth

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Orlando

In uncertain times like these, this is a ministry that I believe could be transformational for pastors, educators and corporations. With the tsunami of change from career, family relationships, and business, there is a man who has started a church that has now grown into a multi-campus mega church and served as a consultant for numerous companies. No one has gone through so many transitions in life than my friend, Mark Matheson.

Dr. Jay Strack 

President and Founder, Student Leadership University


Dr. Mark Matheson is a sought after and highly regarded expert in the field of church ministry.  Our Church Leadership Team was fortunate enough to spend the weekend with him as he led us through a series of discussions and messages aimed at preparing us for the work we have ahead of us as a new multi-campus church. His thought-provoking questions gave our team the focus we were lacking and his suggestions for us helped to strengthen our vision and purpose. The encouragement Mark shared in our Sunday morning worship services concerning our new multi-campus approach was exactly what our church family needed to bring us closer together. His message on leaving a legacy was inspiring, life-affirming, and heart-wrenching as he spoke of losing his wife in a tragic automobile accident. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Mark Matheson to you for a leadership banquet, a weekend of round table discussions with key church leaders, or as a guest speaker on Sunday morning. He will make you, your leadership team, and your church a stronger and more unified group.

Dr Charles Thomas, Pastor

FBC McDonough, GA